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Anthem Audio-Video Receiver - Audio Exchange Richmond VA

The Nerve Center of a Home Theater

The AV receiver serves as the hub of any system, the nerve center of a home theater, handling source switching from cable box to game console to Blu-ray player, surround sound or stereo amplification, and even streaming audio from services like Spotify or via Bluetooth from smartphones and tablets.

AV receiver functionality has grown leaps and bounds in just the past decade with a dynamic performance in both music and movies. Many receivers offer multiple HDMI ports and several offer compatibility for the latest 4K sources. Additional features to consider include multi-room streaming, separate powered speaker zones and wireless support/ Bluetooth control, Dolby or DTS:X surround formats. All receivers will play both music and theater audio, but every brand specializes in something different. When choosing a model, always consider what you will be using it most for to make the best choice based on your needs.

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