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Custom Theater - Audio Exchange Richmond VA

Planning a Custom Theater

The true home theater experience should be better than being at the movies.

When planning a dedicated home theater the design of the room should come before any equipment is considered.

There are several things to consider beyond just having the empty room. Screen size being key. You need to make sure that the screen is the proper size for the room. Yes, you can go to big, placement and distance from viewer all come into play. Proper sight line for all the viewers is a factor. You want to make sure that all your guests get the same larger than life experience regardless of where they sit. We can help you with furniture placement, creating rows of seats, or perhaps you want a larger wrap around couch. All options to take into consideration. Once you have all those variables in place the final piece is the overall room design. We cannot stress enough how important the proper acoustics are to enhancing the theater experience. Creating the perfect space for sight and sound, with the proper projector, screen and speaker placement is what we do. We want people to walk to your theater and be blown away at the look and feel but also the performance. Your home theater should give the viewer the feeling that they are truly somewhere else and not at your house. That is what we specialize in.

Room Design

In designing a dedicated home theater room, you should not have to worry about anything other than making things perfect for sight and sound. (That’s why you made it a dedicated room!) We can help you with screen layout, plus projector, speaker and component placement. Other important considerations are how it will look and how the room can be treated for acoustics. Many magazines and web sites can give you ideas for the architectural look of your theater. Audio Advice also has decorators and designers we work with on theater appointments. We cannot stress enough how big a difference the proper acoustics approach will make in the enjoyment of your theater. Please read our acoustics blog for more information. Home Theater Acoustics

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