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Add a Music System to Youre Home

A well-planned home, whether it is newly built or you are remodeling an existing home, the options to have music flow through the space are endless. It can move with you and follow you from room to room like sunlight that is the benefit of multi-room audio when the speakers are built into your walls or ceilings. It’s easy to incorporate in-wall and ceiling speakers when you’re building or renovating a home. In an existing home, it’s easier to use wireless multi-room speakers.

Wireless systems

Wireless systems are incredibly convenient, installation and setup takes just minutes. They make it very easy because you don’t need a home theater receiver. You can easily transport a wireless speaker from one room to another. If you every chose to move it is easy to disassemble and take the entire system with you. With a wireless system, you enjoy the convenience of a smartphone remote control app. The hardware is hidden in a utility room or equipment closet so you will not have the unsightly mess and tangle of wires, keeping your home free from clutter.

Your music can come from an Internet service like Spotify, or from a computer or hard drive that’s attached to your home network. With a set up like this it will allow you to play one song in the living room and another in your bedroom. Or you can play the same song throughout the entire house. To change songs, you can use your smartphone, tablet or custom in-wall controls. When building a new house (or renovating an old one). You have the perfect opportunity to conceal speakers and wires in your walls and ceilings. Also, allowing use of remote touch pads and other in-wall or built in control options.

Wired Systems

Wireless systems are terrific; many people find a wired system easy and simple. Wired systems are perfect for commercial applications, such as restaurants, small businesses, or offices. Installation of a wired system can be daunting for a do-it-yourselfer. Our installers can make the overwhelming task easy. We will help with placement, location and instillation of speakers and equipment.

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