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Moon by Simaudio Streaming Player - Audio Exchange Richmond VA

For the past few decades, the way we listen to and play music has been shifting from physical media to digital files. No longer do we need albums, cassettes or CDs to store our tunes. Endless libraries of music can now be accessed and streamed seamlessly through any streaming “device” to virtually any location.

A network music player, or streaming player, is a device that connects your Hi-Fi system to limitless sources of music. Digitally stored music files, a variety of online music subscriptions and thousands of free internet radio stations—essentially any digital audio source stored in another location—can all be streamed through this one piece of hardware. A streaming player acts as the hub to all of your digital audio sources making it a great option for home theaters and multi-room set-ups.

Streaming players make it simple to access content from both the internet and local devices such as PCs, media servers and smartphones. Operating as the control center for music in the home, a streaming player can also bring together all of the digital and analog components in your home Hi-Fi system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies make it simple to stream tunes directly to headphones, speakers and other compatible devices. Built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter) technology also makes it possible for streaming players to decode and stream MQA files. Streaming players, in comparison to smartphones, have superior DACs that reduce data loss when streaming music files resulting in higher quality audio.

Manufacturers like MOON by Simaudio, Bluesound, McIntosh and Sonos are continuously updating their streaming players to offer higher bit/sample rates and support new streaming services. Selecting the right streaming device for your audio system might seem challenging which is why we only carry the best brands to choose from and are always here to help.

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