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How to get the most out of your collection:


Always store your records vertically, never flat, keep them away from heat, direct sunlight and humidity changes to prevent warping.

Inner Sleeves

Always store your records within inner sleeves. The paper sleeves will protect the record from dirt but can cause static that may attract dust. For better protection use polyethylene lined sleeves. The lining of a poly sleeve is both soft on your records and keeps static to a minimum.

Record Handling

When handling, your records don’t touch the grooves; instead, handle them carefully by the edges and the inner label, this will help keep them clean.

Cleaning Your Records

Cleaning becomes important when you buy used records; dirt, oil, and dust will be present – all of which will wear your stylus quicker.

Always clean the dust off your records using a carbon fiber brush before commencing to wet-cleaning records. Failure to do so will result in pushing dust further into the grooves.

When cleaning by hand, place your record on a soft, lint-free surface and apply a mixture of record cleaning solution and distilled water, never tap water. Once the solution is applied, use a micro-fiber cloth; clean your record with the grooves. Do not wipe from the center out, use a separate micro-fiber cloth to dry the record and repeat the process as necessary.

Audiophile Tip

The most effective way to clean records is to use an Okki Nokki record cleaning machine. The record is placed on a platter, cleaning solution is applied then a vacuum sucks up the dirt and grime. Vacuum systems can be expensive but they come in several options that helps keep the cost down.

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